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Fizzics and Nova FM help launch Officeworks back to school basics 2014

January 24, 2014

What a fun way to start 2014! In collaboration with Nova FM we ran liquid nitrogen shows and hands-on science workshops in Adelaide, Brisbane, Wollongong and Melbourne on January 22 as part of the Officeworks back to school basics launch.

Officeworks and Nova FM science gig with Fizzics Educaiton

Nina from Fizzics Education and the Nova FM gang

Lots of fun for the Fizzics team – the presentation worked as a drop in event for Officeworks shoppers. Quite a few parents struggled to get their kids to move from the vortex fog rings and slime making… who would have thought?!? We often get asked to deliver these events as they consistently bring in people to product launches and provide an edge to retail marketing. Often the passers-by stop for 5 minutes and end up leaving over an hour later!

Delivery of real experiences that engage the public is the key for any business serious about putting on an event. Too often a product launch simply means an advertising campaign, perhaps a big banner and someone on a microphone… this might work for some people but not for everyone. If a product is for children perhaps the best way to engage that audience is to cater to their needs! If you can excite them, they’ll probably stay for a while. From our end we love looking at how our presentations can fit a given brief. Events such as this also helps to bring science out of the shadows and into the public, especially when its on ‘their turf’. Apart from that it is simply fun to do!

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